Shocking Statistics about Marketing During COVID-19

When COVID-19 swept through our world, it disrupted everything from the way business is conducted to the way we go grocery shopping. And this also rings true for marketing. Old marketing tactics may not be your best bet as consumers are craving loyalty and trust. These are two words that any marketing campaign must evoke as we enter the new marketing norm.

Jakki Krage Stratko, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President of  U.S Postal Service, recently stated that direct mail, coupled with digital campaigns, is making a significant impact in connecting and uplifting consumers.

A 2020 survey taken by USPS throughout the COVID crisis produced the following statistics:

  •         77% of Americans have a high interest in receiving mail
  •         53% tried a new business after receiving marketing mail
  •         65% agree that receiving mail lifts their spirits
  •         54% of people feel more connected to people through the mail
  •         40% of consumers say they have higher brand recall when receiving an email followed by a direct mail
  •         Digital campaigns followed by direct mail yields a 28% better conversion rate
  •         67% of people check their mail daily
  •         79% believe that mail is the most memorable medium
  •         57% believe mail to be the most credible medium

President & Chief Operating Officer of the data-driven direct marketing agency CohereOne, Time Curtis, states that when a crisis occurs, such as COVID, online ad prices and cost per clicks get inflated, and those marketing dollars get eaten up quickly.  

Curtis notes that a direct mail campaign is a great way to hedge your bet for spending costs as postage prices have so far remained flat. Print leverages the best of digital insight with all the neurological and psychological benefits of touch, visual merchandising, and longevity in surprising and delighting customers.

Furthermore, he shares that print is best utilized when paired up with digital campaigns, such as an email marketing campaign. More than the sum of their parts, email and print together can create a 172% lift.

But no matter what medium you adopt to market your services, Curtis highlights that with millions of people now at home, marketing needs to hit a new level of focus, care and intentionality in your messaging.

And more importantly, in times of uncertainty, businesses must be ready to adapt and adopt new ideas for the success of their business.

Below are things to keep in mind when thinking about starting a direct mail campaign:

Think of the envelope or addressed side (if a self-mailer) as if your reader was a magnet and your envelope has a magnetic attraction.

You want that content to attract attention and encourage readers to want to open for more. In other words: What can you put on your envelope or the front of your self-mailer to incentivize people to open your envelope or newsletter?

Redefine customer service.

How can you anticipate your customer’s needs in your direct mail? How can you leverage those needs to get your customers  to connect with you?

Don’t forget to include tips, advice, educational pieces and clear reminders for why and how they can reach out to you (in other words, calls to action).

Read some awesome call to action ideas in this post 7 Call to Action Phrases that Get Visitors Clicking.

Personalization is advantageous.

Use the data you have on your customers or prospects to add personal touches. For example, you can include neighborhood housing statistics or a market update  if you are in real estate. For mortgage experts, you can include rate updates or opportunities available to your clients.  Here is an excellent article from Target Marketing Magazine on what to include and why. Also, if you are leaning towards postcards, be sure to review Don’t Make These 6 Postcard Mailer Marketing Mistakes.

Remember to surprise and delight.

In what creative and unique ways can you increase engagement with your customers or prospects? This might be a special offer code or a donation in their name to a local charity. One great example of surprise and delight comes  from Hyundai. They sent their messaging on seed paper so that the receiver could plant the paper and grow wildflowers. Thinking creatively allowed them to get their message out and the planted seed paper grew into wildflowers to create a lasting brand reminder.

So, what do you do next?

If you’re ready to dive into print marketing or you want to have a print campaign that complements your email marketing campaigns, we would be delighted to help you make that into a reality.

Go ahead and book a free consultation time below. We’ll chat about your goals and options and we promise to make it as quick and painless as possible.