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How to Create Your Marketing Plan for the Year

Crucial for any sized business, a strategic marketing plan helps to guide limited budgets toward effective ROI (return on investment) and keep outreach activities aligned…More

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

Making use of all LinkedIn can provide is the ultimate test of social and networking skills. Here are top tips to not just build a…More

Tips for Gathering Knockout Testimonials and Using Them

A cornerstone of word-of-mouth marketing, credible testimonials allow customers to sing your or your services’ praises, thereby generating trustworthiness in your brand and tipping wavering…More


Your Employee Handbook and Insurance: The Connection

Many companies refer to their employee handbooks as their “corporate bible,” spelling out all kinds of policies ranging from serious matters, such as sexual harassment,…More

Your Guide to Understanding Cybersecurity Terms

Cybersecurity is necessary for any business that operates in today’s economy. There are few businesses that can survive without a presence online and even fewer…More

Consequences of Letting Business Insurance Lapse

When your business suffers an unexpected financial setback, the first place you look is where to cut expenses. If you haven’t had the need to…More


Mistakes Buyers Make After Signing a Contract

If your clients are financing a home in 2020, they may not have thought about what happens when it comes to credit after the contract…More

Biggest Financial Mistakes Homebuyers Make

There are many financial mistakes that potential homebuyers make before shopping for homes. Here we’ll cover several. The first is that they don’t properly set…More

Benefits of a Rent-to-Own Property Transaction

In our 2020 market, with lower inventory and increasing home prices, we still have participants who are missing out. One group missing out is the…More


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