How to Gain Subscribers for Your Real Estate Email Newsletter

Having trouble getting subscribers to your real estate email newsletter?

Getting more subscribers can be tricky, but there are 3 simple steps you should follow to kickstart the process.

Once you follow each step, we can guarantee your subscriber count will tick up.

So, read these 3 easy steps to gain email newsletter subscribers below!

#1 Build up your email list

To send your newsletter, you need an email database. And the only way to get one is by asking your clients (and potential clients) for it.

Remember, however, that there are anti-spam laws and you can only send newsletters if you have the person’s permission!

The legitimate way to send a newsletter is to have the person’s consent through an online form, or a printed-out form in case you want a client’s email after showing them a property.

The best way to get more email addresses is through social media. Make a post on your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram telling people about your newsletter, how much value it contains, and ask for their email.

Make the post link to a landing page in which they fill in a box with their email. 

In case you don’t know, a landing page works as a pitch in which you tell your audience why they should subscribe to your newsletter.

This is when you need to bring out your inner salesman. Be yourself and imagine you’re talking with your clients face-to-face.

Nobody is going to give you their email for nothing, so you have to tell them why your newsletter is so good.

And we’ll tell you how to make a good newsletter in the next section!

#2 Plan the content for your newsletters

Put yourself in your client’s shoes: what would they want in a newsletter?

Think of the common questions they ask, the most popular properties, or even changes in legislation that could affect their next purchase.

A newsletter needs to provide value to the reader. It’s got to be “news” — information that’s worth reading.

Most Americans check their inbox daily and you want your newsletter to be opened when they arrive. And the best way to do that is by providing high-quality content.

If you’re stuck, real estate newsletter templates can help get you on track of what to include in your email newsletter. Our Ready to Go Newsletter templates include helpful real estate advice that you can showcase to your clients.

Another tip is to send your customers a questionnaire on what they’d like to learn about real estate. Read through the answers and you’ll definitely have some ideas for your newsletters.

Ideally, you should send emails at least once or twice a week and your newsletters can be one of those.

If you send too many emails you risk having people unsubscribe by overcrowding their inbox. Too little and they’ll forget about you.

So, plan out your content in advance for your weekly newsletters: make it fresh, fun to read, and — most importantly — informative.

After all, think about it: if you send good emails and newsletters, you raise your chances of being referred to more people, and as such your subscriber and client base grows!

#3 Include opt-in forms in blog posts and on your homepage

If you want more subscribers to your newsletters, you have to give them the opportunity to subscribe.

And the best way is to include a quick form for the visitor to type in their email and click a button — it’s that easy.

But as we said before, you need to convince your visitors to subscribe.

So, include the form at the end (or middle) of blog posts and on your homepage, place it after you’ve informed them about your services. You can create blog posts from the Ready to Go Newsletters article library that comes with your monthly membership.

Great places to include an opt-in form on a homepage are beside client testimonials or after you’ve highlighted the benefits of your services.

The idea is to attach the value you offer with your real estate services to the newsletter (a psychological trick known as “association”).

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