5 Easy Ways to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers

We’re here with 5 super tips that will help you increase your social media conversions. Your business could have a huge fan following, but if your followers fail to convert, your strategy becomes pointless. What is it that stops these folks from converting? There may be some shortcomings in your social media strategy that prevent you from getting customers so read this post to learn more.

1. Be Consistent with Your Posting Schedule

If your aim is to convert followers into customers, you need to be consistent with your social media posting.  To get your brand noticed, you have to expose people to your updates on a regular basis. Make your followers get used to seeing you on social networks. 

Also, the algorithms used by social platforms reward those who are consistent by showing their posts to more people.

2. Build Awareness with Cold Prospects through Content that Demonstrates Your Expertise

If you’re only posting content that is asking people to buy, buy, buy … you’re likely never going to get them to buy. 

The sales process is a four-stage customer journey consisting of awareness, interest, demand, and action. So it’s clear you have to start with the first two stages to get the sale. For this, you need to create the right type of awareness. This is where social platforms are an excellent vehicle when you use them to share relevant content about your industry which highlights your knowledge, engages them and builds trust. Quality content is the biggest driving force behind a brand’s success on social media. Tip: If you don’t have time for this important part of the process, perhaps you might want to check out the social posting services we provide.

3. Engage with Your Followers

Social platforms are not a one-way street.  You need to engage with your followers! Respond to fan queries, comments, and feedback. Think of it this way.  You’re walking down the street and someone says hello.  You ignore them and keep walking. What do you think they’re thinking about you?  Same goes for social media.  If someone takes the time to post a comment on your page, have the courtesy to respond.  A very easy way to build trust.

Also acknowledge and mention your loyal customers whenever you get a chance on your social media pages. Did someone send you a referral?  Thank them on your page.  Little things like this go a long way.

4. Be Loyal to Your Fans

We expect loyal fans and followers to convert to loyal customers. But as a brand, we too have to have some loyalties to display towards customers. Things like always fulfill your promises, whether it is introducing a new product on a certain date, offers and other benefits. Your consistency and concern will make them believe in you. Little things like in the case where you are unable to post for a few days, write a message like – ‘Going on a vacation, won’t be posting for a few days, will miss you loads’. This is another way of showing that you value their precious time.

5. Ask Them for Their Business and Referrals

Yes, you do need to ask them for their business.  But only after doing all the things we’ve outlined above.  And, don’t ask every day. Remember to build awareness and interest first.

Once your followers feel connected with you and your brand, they will readily turn into customers, as well as refer you to their family and friends.

If you wish you could get more consistent with your social media posting or would love to have paid ads running in the background to grow your contact list, we could help. Schedule your free, no obligation social media consultation with us…just pick a time below that works for you.