And why not all newsletters are the same.

Ready to Go Newsletters was founded by Simon Payn

Sometimes people ask me … why did I start Ready to Go Newsletters? Well, it goes like this …


I’m a journalist. I should say, I was a journalist, until I got fed up with the poor conditions and low pay. Before that moment came, I worked for daily and national newspapers in the United Kingdom and Canada (The Birmingham Post, The Sunday Telegraph and the Toronto Star). I would edit news stories and lay out entire newspaper pages, or I would prepare stories to go up on the Web. I’d rewrite stories, come up with headlines and make everything as accurate and readable as possible. It was fast and often fun work … but it didn’t really feed my soul.

Another thing I did was help start up an Internet publishing company. Expatica serves people in several European countries with news and features. I was editorial director and created six websites that were updated daily. It was an exciting ride - we built something from scratch that continues to help thousands of people every day.

Helping start that company gave me the entrepreneurial bug. So I studied sales and marketing – with an emphasis on direct marketing – because without understanding how to get clients, you can’t have a thriving business.

So … the happy marriage of my journalism background and marketing skills is Ready to Go Newsletters. I found a gap in the market for professionally written newsletters with a strong marketing component.

Simon Payn says most newsletters don’t work for the people who use them, because:

  • Some look pretty but don’t encourage people to take action. They just get ignored or trashed with the other glossy marketing material people get so much of.
  • Some are just so boring that they never get read. They make the mistake of focusing on the needs of the person sending the newsletter rather than the needs of the person reading the newsletter. Big mistake.
  • Some are just plain amateur. There’s no reason why your newsletter has to be badly written. Instead, we use our journalism and marketing skills to make a newsletter that you’ll be proud of.
  • Some are too “cookie cutter.” Many newsletters don’t give people the chance to customize them. That’s a shame, because it’s the kind of unique, original content and tweaks that only you can put in that make the newsletter that much more effective.

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