The Top 3 Social Media Challenges Entrepreneurs Face in 2022

The social media landscape is forever changing. In the past year there was growth in many new social media players like TikTok, Clubhouse and Twitch. And the mainstays like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also saw changes and growth.

All this makes it more difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs with limited time and limited budget to decide which social platforms are best for them.

HubSpot’s team recently surveyed over 500 marketers to determine the biggest challenges social media marketers will face in 2022 — and how to prepare.

The following are their top three findings.

1. Determining on which platform(s) you should market.

26% of the marketers Hubspot surveyed said their biggest challenge in 2022 will be determining which platform(s) they should invest time and resources.

We’re sure this is also one of your top challenges. The most popular social platforms aren’t always the best fit for your business goals as your target market may not be spending their time there.

If you’re not sure where your audience is hanging out, check out the audience demographics data that most platforms have available.
You also need to think about your social media goals when choosing your platform. If your primary goal is to increase sales, then it may make more sense to use targeted, personalized Facebook ads. If you are wishing to grow your brand awareness, you might want to use some newer platforms like TikTok or Clubhouse.

But always keep in mind your audience demographics. Social channels like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Snapchat generally has a younger audience base. And as much as you may be tempted to focus on these newer social platforms, Facebook remains the top social media platform, with nearly three billion active users.

2. Creating engaging content.

As you likely already know, creating good content is hard.

And many marketers agree. According to Hubspot’s survey, 24% of marketers say creating engaging content will be their biggest challenge in 2022.

Creating high-quality social media content is time-consuming, so you should contemplate how you can repurpose content across social platforms. If you create a video on a topic, consider how you can cut short snippets from the video to repurpose on channels.

Creating consistent, relevant content is a must for any business to stay top of mind as consumer expectations grow.

3. Finding ideas for new content.

On top of everything else you do in your business, it’s sometimes overwhelming trying to determine what content to post. You’re not alone. 23% of the marketers surveyed by Hubspot report that finding ideas for new content is their biggest challenge heading into 2022.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are a few social media content suggestions when brainstorming ideas for your 2022 calendar:

Take pieces of your new blog and use them on your different channels.

  • Conduct a poll.
  • Share user-generated content.
  • Post articles/stats about your industry.
  • Highlight milestones of your company.
  • Create superior graphics.
  • Show the faces behind the company.
  • Share knowledge pieces.

We know. It’s a lot. But to be successful in today’s business landscape, you have to be seen on social.

To combat these challenges, you may want to consider using our generated content to spruce up your pages. Our team takes the challenge out of it for you by posting on the top channels, creating engaging graphics and creating content your audience will love. You can learn more about what we offer and get samples here.