5 Tips To Use LinkedIn Video to Get Great Organic Reach

Thinking of using LinkedIn video to position yourself as an expert? Not sure what kind of video content to produce? We’ll share five tips in this article to help you get started.

But first, why should you post videos on LinkedIn?  When most folks talk about video, they think of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. But here’s a very interesting point …  LinkedIn video offers better organic reach potential.

Here’s why. Most people on LinkedIn aren’t sharing any content. Of the 740 million members on the platform, less than 2% are posting content on a weekly basis. And for the small percentage who are, their content tends to be text, graphic, or link posts, not video.

If you start posting one LinkedIn video every week, you’re in a very small club and are bound to get good organic reach.

Tip 1 – Create these types of videos to get great organic reach on LinkedIn.  

  • Something motivational (everyone loves motivational videos, what can you create that people will want to watch?)
  • Teach something (share your expertise, what questions do you get asked most often? You’ve got a ton of knowledge about your industry, share it in a video)
  • Share your perspective (tell a story, talk about a lesson you’ve learned or give an opinion)

Pay attention to what gets your audience commenting on your video and create more videos like that!

Tip 2 – Jump straight into your message and grab their attention.

Don’t preamble about yourself, your expertise, etc.  Remember, on LinkedIn they’re scrolling and are going to engage with what grabs their attention. If you want to share information about yourself and/or your industry, make sure to do that at then end of the video, not at the beginning.  

Tip 3 – Add captions. 

On LinkedIn when you are scrolling you have to click to hear the audio. LinkedIn has done studies that show that most people (especially on mobile) do not listen to the audio of video on LinkedIn, which is why you want to ensure you have captions.   Bonus tip, upload your video to YouTube and it will autogenerate captions for you.  You’re likely going to have to do a little editing, but it’s much faster than you typing in your captions on LinkedIn.  Download your YouTube video and use it.

Tip 4 – Write great stand-alone content. 

When you post a video to LinkedIn you still get 1,300 characters to write a summary.  Treat the summary like its own post, making sure that people will get something out of the content without even watching your video. That way if they don’t even watch the video, they may still comment on your post.

Tip 5 – Make sure to build your network. 

Remember that organic videos will get shown to your first degree contacts. If they start to engage with your content, then their network will get notified. The bigger your first degree network, the bigger your potential of reaching more people organically.

Not sure how to create a video post on LinkedIn? Hootsuite has a great article that gives you all the technical deets on how to post your video as well as some video inspiration examples. You can read it here