Principles of Good Website Design

There are a lot of principles that go into website design. It is something that should never be rushed. Many people think that if they follow one principle they will have a great looking website that will draw traffic to their website. The truth is that you need to have many principles before you can create a website. Some of the more important ones include:

  1. Design is about communicating, it’s not just about functionality or looks. It’s the message and how it is designed that really matters.
  2. You need to have good quality design and if it is not done correctly you won’t achieve the right  benefits from your website. Good quality design is achieved when all your requirements are taken into consideration, from layout, color, font, and size to content.
  3. A website should be user friendly so that even the non technical person will find it easy to navigate. Remember to keep it simple and do not over complicate it.
  4. Good design should work for everyone and not just be for one group. You may think that this sounds too simple but there are some web design companies that believe in this concept and have created a website design that is suitable for only a narrow segment of the market.
  5. If your website is easy to use then people will pay attention to it and read it; if it is difficult to understand then people will turn away from it. You want your visitors to find it as easy to understand as possible.

Remember the principles above and your website will be just fine. Remember also, that these principles are not hard to follow because they are based on practical experience and they are something that is actually used everyday.

Your goal is to keep your visitors’ attention on the text, not necessarily on the design. People spend more time reading and if you do that it will be easier for them to follow.

Make sure that your site has strong and clear content that provides a reason for them to click on it and then focus on your site’s search engine rankings. If your site is having a poor ranking then your exposure will suffer. That’s why you need to make sure that your content is relevant and of high quality.

Keep your content relevant to the keyword phrase or topic that you are targeting so that you can rank higher in search engines. Remember not to leave keywords out or make it too long because that will devalue your content.

Make sure that your website design and layout are attractive. If it is attractive people will trust it and will spend more time on it. They will be able to understand your design and will spend more time reading your content, this will help to achieve the best search engine rankings as well.

When your design is efficient then your ranking will improve and your visitors will return to see more of what you offer. The principles of effective website design is the best way to go about making your website successful.

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