Using Tech to Find the Best Real Estate Leads

In this modern time of Internet savvy people and the availability of the world wide web, using technology to find the best real estate leads is more important than ever. The use of the Internet, especially for the purpose of connecting with potential clients, has increased drastically. Online brokers are making it possible for people to buy and sell homes from virtually any location in the world.

The ability to capture good leads over the Internet has changed the way the real estate industry operates. Now, a real estate broker’s job is not only to talk to anyone at all about their business, but to use those conversations to get leads and turn them into potential clients. In many instances, a real estate broker will need to do their own lead capture and rely on an extensive network of friends and family members to help spread the word about the company and its real estate business.

The best way to use technology to find the best real estate leads is to start with one of the available sources of leads, which we’ll highlight below, then build upon that foundation. If you have been successful with getting leads via the use of the internet, then the next step is to continue to build a network that will lead to more success. The more you develop your personal contacts, the more likely it will be for you to find better leads.

There are many real estate brokers who have successfully made a living by turning to online technology. Because technology allows real estate brokers to reach out to an even greater audience, it is possible to generate more leads and keep in touch with old contacts that may be interested in investing in real estate. For example, a real estate agent may find leads through their realtor’s website by sending out a newsletter online, sending a marketing update email to friends, or through a personal contact.

When real estate brokers take this route and use their knowledge of marketing and technology they can find the best leads. By creating a network of contacts, a real estate agent will be able to start developing a closer relationship with potential clients. They can make sure that they find out about their clients’ finances, homes, and lifestyle, and in return, they will be able to find the best homes for their clients.

For real estate agents who are new to using online technology, they may wonder how difficult it is to find the best real estate leads. With just a few hours invested in research, you can learn a lot, and it can be extremely beneficial to those who want to have a solid base of contacts in place for future transactions. In addition, real estate agents can use technology to gather real estate leads that can contribute to greater opportunities for their business in the real estate industry. If real estate agents use technology in the ways described below, they can more easily find the best real estate leads.

Here are some helpful tech solutions to finding more leads:


Gathering together a base of contacts is a simple endeavor, as you can merely have a clipboard at a home showing where prospective buyers can sign up. They can also sign up on your website. You can offer some perks to prospective buyers if they sign up, such as access to a Tips and Tricks email for buying a home. And always be ready to get contact information, whether you’re at the restaurant or the grocery store, or a friend’s house. Constantly expanding your network will lead to a bigger and bigger list, and more eyeballs on your newsletter.


LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals, and instead of sharing stories about kids and families, like on Facebook, LinkedIn users share tips about their professions and getting ahead. By being active on LinkedIn you can gain a large follower base that you can use to contact when you have a great home on the market.


Canva is a DIY marketing tool that offers the clean look of a Photoshop advertisement with little-to-no learning curve. With templates and images, you can mimic the look of hundreds of other designs, or you can design something completely new yourself. There’s a free version without a few of the perks, but the paid version, with a full complement of stock photography, is only a few dollars a month.

3D Virtual Tours

According to a recent study, 94% of young adults looked for homes online before ever contacting a realtor. Even Baby Boomers used online searches 84% of the time. So it might be a good idea to invest in some quality enhanced home tour software. One such software is Matterport, but there are others. This can allow your buyers to “walk” around the home without ever leaving their desk.


Artificial intelligence is not only getting much smarter but it’s getting much cheaper. There are plugins for your website that will allow the chatbot to carry on a conversation with a buyer and gather their lead information when they express interest in a home. Structurally is one such software, but there are many more.

These are just a few options for gaining online leads through tech solutions, but there are so many more.

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