9 Tips for Successful Real Estate Newsletters

If you’re a real estate agent, one helpful tool to develop relationships and let your clients and potential prospects know about you is sending effective newsletters. 

But first, you might ask, “What can I gain from sending these real estate newsletters?” They help you stay connected with your audience, build your brand, establish credibility, advertise your listings, and so much more. 

Remember those bland and hard-to-read newsletters you’ve subscribed to? You don’t want to use your time, money, and efforts in vain and create email newsletters like that—just to have subscribers not opening your emails. What’s worse, they may be unsubscribing and labeling your email as spam!

Whether you’re just starting on your newsletter journey or rethinking your strategies, we give you these practical tips to get a high click-through rate and make sure your subscribers get value.

1. Give a Personal Touch. Always.

While it can be very tempting to automate your real estate newsletters, you don’t want to make your readers feel like they’re just reading a template or a mass-sent email. 

Having ready-to-use templates is practical, but you might want to personalize how you interact and reach out to them.

Being professional is a must, but it’s easier to connect if there’s some personal touch, too. Always remember to personalize.

You can do the following:

  • Make your readers feel like you’re talking to them in a one-on-one conversation. Talk as if you’re really interested in them.
  • Call them by their first name in your subject lines. This will make them feel that you’re speaking to them directly.
  • Adjust your tone and voice depending on your reader’s location, engagement, and community. You might want to segment your emails into these categories.

2. Make it Client-Focused.

Ideally, your real estate newsletters are designed according to the relationship level you have with your readers. It should be appropriate and timely in situations. 

An example of this is sending a video greeting on their birthday—and that’s a sure way that you’ll leave a mark on them.  Congratulate new homeowners, catch up with former clients, or ask for reviews. 

3. Include Videos. 

Research proves that adding a video in your email can increase click-through rates up to 200-300%. Who doesn’t want that, right?

It shouldn’t be challenging to do. Commit to one video per month and wait till you get a higher click-through rate.

Here are ideas for your videos:

Listing videos. 

It’s a great way to market a new listing. You can do a virtual tour of the house or show off your favorite things about the property or the location.

Show what you can offer.

Build trust and credibility with potential leads. Help them feel comfortable trusting you and relying on you for this one significant transaction in their life. 

Highlight a local event. 

Feature a local event happening or business that offers excellent service. This is a perfect way to keep your clients engaged. Show them that you’re an expert in the neighborhood. 

4. Be an Educator. Give Value.

Feature your blog content (if you have a website) or write-ups about topics that might interest them. Show clients that you aren’t only sales-orientated; you’re also an educator. Getting value in your newsletters will make readers open your emails.

5. Use Attractive Images.

Aside from the obvious great content, make your newsletters pop with stunning images. They can grab attention and make people click your click-through to the linked page. 

Also, balance your images with text content and ensure your hero image is not too large to avoid being directed to the spam folder. 

6. Use Clear CTA (Call-To-Action).

You don’t want to confuse nor overwhelm your subscribers with too many options. If you wish to have high email click-through rates, ensure a clear primary call to action in your newsletter templates. Place their eyes on the prize: your main offer.

Note that you’re still allowed to make more than one offer. Just follow the visual hierarchy and be clear about which is the main call to action. You don’t want your readers to stop their real estate newsletter subscription.

7. Get Creative with Colors.

Catch the attention of your readers through colors. However, this doesn’t mean your email template should use all hues out there—master the art of using two or three colors as the foundation of your message.

8. Use a Visual Hierarchy.

Well-designed emails ensure high click-through rates. Know the balance of content and images. Make sure to break up content, using a lot of white space for improved readability. The best real estate newsletters out there are well-structured. 

9. Build Dynamic Content.

Get your creative juices flowing; start embedding interactive and engaging content like videos, surveys, graphics, photos, or content blocks personally crafted based on your customers’ behavior.

Our Takeaway

Creating great yet effective real estate newsletter emails isn’t only about content—it’s the bigger picture and the sum of its parts. Apply the tips above and start making standout real estate newsletter emails. 

Or better yet, hire a real estate newsletter service for your professional real estate newsletters. Sign up for your free 30 day trial to learn how you can reach more clients with professional real estate newsletter services now!