Apps to Build a Great Company Culture with a Remote Team

Many workplaces started out required to operate remotely due to the pandemic and are now implementing a more permanent, flexible office policy. Remote work impacts the creation and upkeep of corporate culture, making for new challenges with employee morale.

Your team’s culture acts as a guidepost. It sets the tone of workflow, decisions and behaviors and it provides clarity in times of change, making for smoother transitions. Here are some tools to master the art of remote work culture.

Discover. To find what makes your team’s culture unique, peel away elements solely attached to desks and lunchrooms. What bonds your team together? What similar values and attitudes are shared? With this, remember to clarify the greater vision and strategic purpose your team provides to the organization.

Communicate. Keeping the team up to date and in sync with each other is critical to maintaining culture and flow. Popular options are Slack and Zoom but Yammer is another great tool for increasing communication and collaboration with team members. Free for those that use Office 365, Yammer is meant to scale up with  a growing company.

Connect. Take every chance to foster and celebrate collaboration and teamwork. Apps like Nectar, Assembly and Fond help to reinforce great teamwork, easily automating and giving a boost to morale and socially recognizing contributors for their everyday excellence.

Engage. Especially key to maintaining employee engagement levels, the camaraderie created within a corporate culture also helps to remedy the loneliness that comes with remote, isolated work. Fun team building apps like those on Quizbreakers, Go Game and Let’s Roam allow teams to play and further develop rapport even at a distance.