Bringing Empathy into Your 2021 Marketing Efforts

Everyone could agree that 2020 has been a very bizarro year, and everything, including how one does business, has been utterly transformed. Something special that has come out of 2020 is this feeling that everyone is in something together. So many migrated to working from home, and it became harder to hide our lives from the office – dogs bark, kids make appearances in meetings, and life’s little messes became all the more apparent. But there is comfort in knowing the person on the other end can relate on some level. In this post we’re sharing 6 resources for bringing empathy into your 2021 marketing.

That feeling of understanding and acknowledgment of others’ feelings is called empathy. It seemed like in 2020, we as a human race felt more empathy toward each other.

With a new year approaching, there is a promise of a clean slate and making a business plan for what can only be called the new normal. However, as we march forward, let us not forget to keep empathy as part of that plan. Here are some resources and guides on how to keep empathy top of mind.

Composing sales emails is an art form and even more so when trying to make sales during chaos and uncertainty. From curiosity to compassion to video in your email, Outreach has some great ideas on implementing empathy into your sales emails.

Psychology Today defines empathy as a way to humanize your enemies. This seems like a very dark way to describe something that is supposed to be more giving in nature, but empathy can be used in conflict resolution. Whether this is something to do with a customer, coworkers or upper management, Tony Robbins explains why it is essential in business and some ways to utilize empathy.

Although empathy can be viewed as a “soft skill” for a leader or CEO, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella explains his journey from a young man in India with horrible grades to becoming a tech giant leader. His story includes a poignant moment learning empathy and how he believes being able to harness such emotion is the key to innovation in the business world.

Listen. Hear. Understand. Wendy Richardson, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Engagement at Mastercard, stands by those words when looking for ways to incorporate empathy into the customer’s experience. This article by Content Marketing Institute highlights Wendy’s story and other leaders who are looking forward to marketing in 2021.