How to Market to Different Generations Across Social Media

The generational divide in social media is real and especially important is crafting a message that makes a connection specific to the generation you service. As social media becomes more and more important to businesses as a marketing tool, it’s important to understand how to maximize your efforts when it comes to your target audience. Don’t miss out on learning how each generation uses social media differently and how to best market to them.

Let’s start with Baby Boomers.

Baby boomers were born shortly following the end of World War II, spanning between 1946 and 1964 (making them between 56 and 74 years of age this year). Unlike today’s younger generations, Baby Boomers are comfortable with being reached through traditional media (TV, radio, print media, newspapers and so on).

A whopping 95% of Boomers will opt for email over instant messenger, so encouraging newsletter signups will help increase interaction and build awareness.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t market to them online, however. Over 80% of Baby Boomers have at least one social media account.

Boomers are actively engaged on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and like to share content with their family and friends.

When marketing to this generation across social media platforms, remember that they have a clear work/life divide, they like to reshare interesting content and prefer to use social media as one of their many information resources.

How To Market To Baby Boomers:
1. Use interactive content such as quizzes to encourage them to get involved.
2. Engage them with relevant content which offers information.
3. Encourage newsletter signups.
4. Use slower, more informative video content.
5. Boomers are vocal and opinionated, so ask them to get involved and share their views.

Next up, let’s cover Generation X.

This generation saw the arrival of computers and the internet. Born between 1964 and 1980 (making them between 40 and 56 years of age), these latchkey kids grew up to later spend their time online on YouTube and Facebook as adults consuming videos.

Gen X has the second largest disposable income after Baby Boomers and are at a stage in their life where luxury and comfort take precedent. This generation now holds the majority of business leadership positions.

They are the generation that is most likely to share content so including a call to action in all of your posts will help you increase their shares. Using straightforward, visually engaging content is best.

How To Market to Generation X:
1. Indulge their need for comfort and nostalgia.
2. Use visually engaging video-based content.
3. Avoid polls and quizzes.
4. Provide straight-forward click through links to websites.
5. As Generation X has the second largest disposable income, luxurious products and services will appeal to them.

Now we’re on to Generation Y, also known as Millennials.

This group of social media users were born between 1980 and 1995 (making them between 25 and 40 years of age this year). They were the first generation to access social media and adopt it as their main form of communication.

They also began using social media while still in school. Because of this early adoption, social media is relevant to both their personal and professional lives.

Millennials are very idealistic, optimistic and collaborative. Extremely vocal about what they stand for, they respond well when presented with brand advocates and influencers in real time, giving them the opportunity to interact and build a sense of loyalty at the same time.

Online ratings and reviews are also highly prized, so including these will help to build better relationships with Millennials.

How To Market To Millennials:
1. Figure out ways to have brand advocates as Millenials find these advocates more memorable and trustworthy.
2. Tap into the subjects they care about.
3. Make sure you’re using review or rating sites so that Millenials can see that you can be trusted because others have trusted you.
4. Share and post relevant, credible content that uses an artistic and unique approach.
5. Focus on providing value instead of trying to make a sale.

And, lastly, it’s time to cover Generation Z.

Generation Z are the new wave of social media users. This generation (making up 40% of all spending consumers in 2020) was born between 1996 and 2012 (making them between 8 and 24 years of age this year). The reality is that they have never known a world without social media or technology.

Gen Z are far more switched on when it comes to what’s going on around them, but they’re also noted as having a pretty short attention span when it comes to engaging with a piece of content. When marketing to this generation remember that most of the content they consume is via YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram because they love visuals. With their average attention span of just 8 seconds, brands need to be eye catching and quick to capture this generation’s attention.

Social media for Gen Z  is also a place for entertainment. They are more likely to use social media to fill time and be entertained rather than connect with friends.

How To Market To Generation Z:
1. Keep content short, visually pleasing and positive. It should also have the opportunity for them to interact.
2. Their favorite content is video based.
3. Authenticity is super important.
4. Be in their newsfeed when they wake up and when they’ve finished school/college.
5. Their most active days on Social Media are Thursdays and Fridays.

Choosing the right demographic for your marketing efforts is important so that your message makes a connection with those who are following you. Using these tips will help you to develop quality content that is engaging and relevant to the followers you serve, ensuring your efforts don’t go to waste.