How a Devoted 15-Year-Old Inspired Others to Care for their Seniors

When COVID-19 swept through the country and left everyone grappling with the new normal, many forgot about the most vulnerable members of our society – our beloved elders.

This wasn’t the case for 15-year-old Hita Gupta. She took it upon herself to organize goodie bags filled with puzzles, adult coloring books, and colored pencils to send to senior facilities that have been in lockdown because of the coronavirus. Her younger brother, Divit, writes encouraging notes that are included as well.

What started as sending goodies to one senior home near her hometown of Paoli, Pennsylvania, has grown to 23 locations now. Gupta continues to coordinate scheduled drop-offs of the treats with the nursing homes.

Gupta tells CNN that the seniors in quarantine are cut off from family and this has caused a lot of loneliness, anxiety and boredom for them. She also shares that the  loneliness is going to continue being a problem and that it is essential to work together as a community to help seniors feel like they are not being forgotten, that they are loved and valued.

Gupta’s call to action was answered as her idea has now inspired others to do similar kind deeds in their communities. People started reaching out to her on social media offering to help and so Gupta started a GoFundMe page to help her create more thoughtful packages. Up to that point, Gupta had been paying for everything out of her allowance.

Gupta’s thoughtful idea inspired those in her community and beyond and is a valuable lesson on how we need to rally and take care of each other during these times of uncertainty. Maybe you can help coordinate similar efforts in your community or you can contribute to her cause.

You can check out her GoFundMe page here if you would like to support her endeavors – she is still shy of her goal of $7,500.