10 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Are you a new real estate agent? Check out these ten tips to help you as you start your new career.

As a new real estate agent, you should know the basics of real estate. From selling a home, real estate laws, neighborhoods, and being familiar with home services such as lawn care services and contractors, you should know and understand the many textbook characteristics of real estate.

But, what about the non-textbook aspects of real estate? Becoming a real estate professional isn’t just knowing what’s on the test. It’s about being goal-oriented, a great communicator, and a resource to your clients and colleagues. Well rounded real estate professionals are apt in not only selling a property, but also acting as a valuable asset to those who utilize your services.

To learn about ways you can be successful as a new real estate agent, keep reading.

1. Put yourself out there

As it goes for most jobs, connections are important. You’ll want to put yourself out into your area’s real estate community as much as you can. Whether it be through networking events, social media, or through cold phone calls, try to get your name out there as much as you can. The more connections and name recognition, the better — even as a new agent.

2. Learn how to communicate well

Communication is key in any workplace, but especially for real estate agents. Great communication between your clients and colleagues is key to building relationships, selling properties, and being a successful real estate agent overall.

When it comes to communication, simple back-and-forth conversations aren’t enough. Make sure you’re timely with your responses, you’re using language that is understandable to the average person, you’re kind, knowledgeable, and able to answer questions without becoming impatient.

3. Have someone you can go to

Having a mentor-like figure, role model, or friend within the real estate space can help immensely as a new real estate agent. Having someone you can go to can help you establish your goals, answer any questions, give valuable feedback, and help you have a better understanding of the community as a whole.

4. Create a brand for yourself

To some, “creating a personal brand” can seem vague and intangible. But, creating a personal brand is key in jump-starting your real estate career. You need to create a persona for you — what kind of audience are you targeting? What kind of service are you providing your clients? What do outsiders see when they google your name?

A great way to start your brand is to create social media profiles and a website as well as picking a creative style for your brand. Using the same fonts, colors, and formats in any brand-related content allows you to keep a consistent image throughout your professional presence. Additionally, try to keep the same tone throughout all communications.

5. Learn how to utilize social media — and technology in general

As mentioned above, social media is one of the best ways to create your personal brand. But, to do this, you have to understand social media first. Even if you don’t have personal social media pages, you need to create professional social media pages. Having a page allows for potential clients to reach you, and allows other real estate professionals to contact you as well. Learn how to post pictures, photo albums, edit posts, respond to messages, and most important, upload a steady stream of content.

In addition to social media, you should know how to use technology in general. Smartphones, computers, email, and websites are just a few of the basic technologies you should know how to use properly — and efficiently. 

6. Come up with goals

Goal setting as a new real estate agent helps you stay focused and determined as you figure out the best way to go at your real estate ventures. Whether these be short-term or long-term goals, setting milestones to work towards is helpful for any professional, real estate or not. Once you reach these goals, set new ones, and don’t stop setting them! All real estate professionals should have goals, whether they are veterans or not.

7. Utilize what makes you different as an agent

Ask yourself this question: What makes you different from every other real estate agent? Is it your personality, your way with words, or your connections? Whatever it may be, learn how to utilize your strengths. People will want to come to you for a reason, so put that reason out there and capitalize on what makes you a unique real estate agent.

8. Learn how to promote yourself

You should know how to put yourself out there. By coming up with a basic elevator pitch, you can share your strengths, skills, and accomplishments with those you come in contact with in the real estate world. As a new real estate agent, you may not have as much experience and knowledge as a seasoned agent, but you can still learn how to promote yourself in the best light possible.

9. Be human

Nobody wants to work with someone who only sticks to the script. Just as you are a person with opinions and feelings, so are your colleagues and clients. You should be able to relate on a personal level with everyone you work with. Doing favors, giving personal advice, and going out of your way to accommodate your clients are just a few ways you can be a personable real estate agent.

However, keep in mind that these are still professional relationships, so don’t get too comfortable. Don’t do anything you are uncomfortable with, and stand your ground if you need to. Don’t let a client take advantage of you just for the sake of being likable.

10. Don’t do it just to sell

Don’t become a real estate agent just to sell properties. This is your livelihood and career, so do it to support yourself. Make it fun, and find ways to run your career the way you want to. Selling isn’t the only prerogative for real estate agents. Not only should you want to sell, but you should want to learn, succeed, meet new people, and facilitate professional growth for yourself.

By following these tips, you can make yourself into a great real estate agent. As you continue in your real estate career, you’ll learn and grow. Be open to opportunities, garner valuable relationships, and be successful. Good luck!

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