Your clients are like cats

Here’s news of research that confirms what every cat owner already knows.

…and what every dog lover gleefully expects.

While cats can recognize their owners’ voices, they CHOOSE whether to respond to them.

Cats are so cool – so confident that they will get fed and loved no matter what – that they’re just “whatever” to the voices of their owners.

Yeah, I heard you but I’ll do my own thing thanks very much.

That’s because…they are in charge!

(This is unlike dogs, who enthusiastically respond to human commands because they know that their owners call the shots. Mostly.)

Your customers are kind of cat-like, too. They’ll hear you…and they will choose whether to respond or not.

That’s why it pays to give them a good reason to respond – an offer that’s too good to resist will do the trick.

But you might also like to consider how you can make your customers more dog-like.

While cat-like customers are in charge of you….maybe you can be in charge of your dog-like customers.

Positioning yourself as the go-to expert can help that happen. When you prove that you know your stuff and that you care for your clients, they’ll be more likely to respond to you.

Newsletters, of course, help with that.

They’ll give you space to show what you know and they will help you keep in touch and build a powerful bond.

Just like you have with your pet.