You, the local real estate expert

This is probably the number one secret to having business come to you – rather than you having to go chase after it.

That secret is: becoming the local expert.

Here’s the thing:

People want answers.

They want to be led.

And they want someone who will show them the way.

When every other agent looks the same and you are the one who has taken the time to position yourself as the expert, you become the obvious choice.

So how can you use your newsletter to do that?

First, send one that includes some real estate content. Make sure those articles are helpful and smart (don’t just choose any old trash you’ve found on the internet.)

Second, include some thoughtful local market information. Prove that you can really help clients sell their homes for the best price is the shortest possible time because you know what’s happening right now in your market.

Third, include some listings and just solds to show you have a decent level of production.

Fourth, include content that is fun and interesting – not just about real estate. Put something personal in there. Make your newsletter something they look forward to receiving.

Then… mail it or hand-deliver it to your farm.

And keep doing it.

I have seen clients build businesses from zero by doing just this.

By becoming the local real estate authority.

Here’s where to get your own newsletter. It’s great as it is, and you can edit it as much as you wish to make it really yours.