You, Starbucks, and something special

I was reading about this guy yesterday who is trying to visit every Starbucks in the world.

So far he has spent about $150,000 ordering a grande latte (or whatever is his tipple) at 11,733 of them.

And there are more to go. Starbucks keeps opening them up.

But here’s the kicker: He doesn’t like the coffee much. He prefers getting his caffeine fix from independent coffee shops.


…should give us all hope.

So many people are competing against someone who is bigger than us.

It might be the huge brokerage down the street.

Or the website that seems to be taking away parts of your business.

It’s tough. They have money. And they’re everywhere.

But here’s one thing they can’t compete with:

Being you.

Independent coffee shops survive because they are different.

Because they have a special product.

Because they have unique service.

To their own customers, they’re the best.

They’re something special.

They’ve built a relationship.

And guess what?

You can do the same.

You can build relationships with your clients in a way the bigger boys cannot.

You can show the real you – the friendly, helpful, experienced you.

Now… you can do that face to face.

But because you don’t have time to talk to everyone, you can also do it with your newsletter.

That’s why we allow (no, encourage!) you to change it as much as you want.

Then you can spread the unique you far and wide.

Not even Starbucks can do that.