You can’t start with the massive log

It’s getting cold up here so I decided to light a fire yesterday.

Now, as anyone who has tried to get a fire going knows… it’s not always easy.

And one thing you cannot do – however tempted you are – is to put that great, big, hulking log on… and hope for the best.

Instead, you have to work your way up – newspaper, then kindling, then bigger kindling, then small logs…

…and then, when the fire is going well, you can add that giant hunk of tree.

The same principle applies when you are marketing yourself.

It’s hard to make the big sale right away – you’ve got to lead up to it.

And yet… many people just start with the giant log…. and hope for the best.

Instead, make it easy for people to get to know you.

First, offer your newsletter and some extra information to make signing up for your newsletter worthwhile.

Then keep in touch with useful, interesting information.

And then… when they’re ready…. they will hire you.