Woodpeckers, questions and newsletters

Right now I’m reading a book called Why Do Bluebirds Hate me?

It’s the sequel to Why Don’t Woodpeckers Get Headaches?

(That’s a question I’d wondered myself.)

The author, Mike O’Connor, owns a bird-watching store – bird houses, binoculars, sunflower seeds… you get the idea.

And he gets asked a lot of questions – hence the book.

So – why am I telling you this?

First, it’s to remind you that answering questions makes for great newsletter content. You get questions from clients, right? Well, write down your answers in your newsletter. Easy.

Second, as O’Connor says in the introduction to this book, people have lots of questions, but they’re often afraid to ask them for fear of looking silly.

That’s why it pays to answer questions in advance – answer the questions everyone has but doesn’t dare ask.

So when your newsletter is full of answers – expert content that shows how wonderfully helpful you are – people will warm to you and trust you.

One more thing:

O’Connor writes a column in his local newspaper. I wonder how many extra people that brings into his store?

Maybe you could do the same thing. You could even use our ready-made articles (we have clients who do that.)

So there you are. Lots of reasons to send a newsletter, and at least one reason to make writing your newsletter easy.

Or if you don’t have time to write one, you could just use ours. It’s ready-made and you can change it as much as you wish.