Why your new leads are like soup

I was at a rather chilly party the other night.

It was outdoors.

And it wasn’t that far above freezing.

As you can imagine, I didn’t stay long.

There was food – soup and nachos and more – but it got cold quickly.

So I ate it quickly.

The same chilling affect can happen with your leads. They start off hot – but they quickly get cold.

That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to keep them warm.

The best way is to contact them regularly. That’s where your newsletter comes in.

But to keep them even hotter (and fresher), it’s a good idea to contact them even more frequently

when they are new. After all, that’s when they want to hear from you – they just asked to receive your


Here at Ready to Go Newsletters, we will shortly be offering automated messages you can send to your

new leads.

They’ll do wonders for your sales.

The info isn’t on the website yet, but if you’re interested in hearing more, just reply to this email.

Otherwise, go to this link for our newsletters. We’ll be offering autoresponders to everyone as an option