Why Most Content Producers are Thinking of the Wrong Person

Content marketing – and that includes sending print and email newsletters – is becoming an essential part of the marketing arsenal.

But this new chart from Marketing Sherpa shows that most marketers are getting it all wrong.

They’re breaking Rule #1 of newsletters, not writing with their customer in mind.

The chart shows that content that focuses on the needs of clients is third on the list – after self-centered product announcements.

This isn’t the way to engage clients and build a long-term profitable relationship with them.

Frankly, it’s like being the guy at the party who talks at you for 30 minutes non-stop about his grandsons.

Instead, as Marketing Sherpa says:

To be a thought leader is to think like a publisher – to think about
the people at the other end of your white paper, Web event, blog or
podcast. They’re not necessarily interested in your new product or
feature (unless you happen to work for Apple); they’re interested in
what’s happening in the industry or economy that’s inspired that
product or service….The best reasons to update content are to be
found in the middle of the pack; news, trends, events and research are
all about the reader. Of course, the performance of content should also
dictate whether it’s time to update, upgrade or shift gears.

bottom line? Newspapers may be dying, but the need for compelling niche
content is growing every day. To fulfill that need and sell your
products, remember that you’re asking for the time and interest of your
customers, and make it worth their while.