Why she just had to call

The phone rang the other day and on the other end was a business owner. She was not a client of ours. 

This person had been in business for many years, and every month she was putting together her own newsletter. It included all sorts of articles – some of them about what she does, but also articles about other interesting stuff and tidbits of information she had come across. Her newsletter also included some information for her local area. 

She said she had great success with her own newsletter and she would never stop sending it out because it brought her so much business. 

However, she said that making her newsletter took up so much of her time that she didn’t spend as much time with clients as she thought she should. 

Although she said she would never give up her newsletter, she wanted to find a way to make a newsletter that wouldn’t take up so much of her time. 

That led her to search for newsletters on Google and my company came up. 

She looked at the website and said she just had to call our toll-free number because the newsletters we make are exactly the kind she sends to her clients and that work so well for her. 

She was so happy that she had found a newsletter that she could use, edit just a little and send out. 

It would save her hours and hours of time. 

We ended up chatting for so long on the phone – it was like I had known her forever!