Why newsletters aren’t right for everyone

My newsletter company isn’t the right fit for everyone.

Indeed, I would rather turn clients away than sell to someone we can’t help.

For example, take Melissa, who left us on Thursday.

She sent out her first email newsletter and got lots of engagement – a bunch of opens and reads.

But… she didn’t get a listing right away.

So she quit.

Here’s the thing:

While sometimes you might get a client right off the bat, newsletters aren’t set up to do that.

If you expect a listing on your first newsletter, then, sorry, we’re not the right people for you.

We can’t promise that. And you shouldn’t expect it.

The thing about newsletters is that they are about nurturing long-term relationships.

You build a list of people who want to hear from you…

…You keep in touch using interesting content…

…And when they are ready, they give you a call because you are their first choice.

It’s as simple as that.

Experienced business people know this truth.

They know that you don’t try something and expect a home-run on day one.

They know that life isn’t like that.

So people who have unrealistic expectations – who keep seeking a magic bullet – are going to get disappointed each time.

Because there isn’t a magic bullet… just long-term, sustained effort.

Now, I understand that if you are new to the business, then sending a newsletter is a big investment that might not pay off right away.

It takes guts and some money to invest in something like that.

That’s why, sadly, we’re not always the right choice for people who are just licensed this month.

Instead, as with most new businesses, you might have to do a lot of the work yourself until you have the funds to pay someone else. So, yes, you have to sit up late at night and write your own newsletter.

It’s tough… but anyone who has been successful has started that way. I know I did.

So here’s the bottom line:

If you are not able or prepared to invest at least six months in building up a relationship with your database using newsletters, then we’re not the right choice.

But if you understand that value grows over the long term, and you have the ability to stick with your newsletter, then we would love to have you on board.

Because only here will you get an interesting, entertaining newsletter that you can edit as much as you wish to make yourself stand out in the marketplace.

If you’re a long-term thinker, go here to find out more about what we have.