Why I don’t care much about Facebook (and nor should you)

Here’s an interesting stat that came across my desk yesterday:

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers as Facebook and Twitter combined!

Think about that. You would have to make 40 social media posts to get the same benefit as one email.

Now…I didn’t just make up these stats. They come from McKinsey & Company – super-respected business consultants.

The reason, say the experts at McKinsey, is that 91% of all US consumers still use email daily.

They also found that the average order value is also 17% higher.

Here’s the thing:

With Facebook, you might get lots of engagement.

Lots of “likes”.

But “likes” don’t pay the bills!

It’s sales that count.

So while Facebook might be social and fun, it’s email that brings in the business.

That’s why instead of posting to Facebook, you’d be wise to start your own email newsletter today.