Why client lifetime value is so important

Here’s a concept that could make a big difference to your business: client lifetime value.

While many people think of only the first transaction, the reality is that successful agents think of the total value of transactions that a client could make over his or her entire lifetime.

So, if you earn a gross commission of, say, $8000 on one closed transaction, you might earn another $16,000 (probably more) on the next two… assuming, of course, that the client stays with you.

And that’s not counting the value of referrals they might give you.

When you think of the potential lifetime value of a client, you then start to think of your business over the long term.

And when you do that, you realize the value of keeping your clients coming back.

That’s where newsletters work so well. If you keep in touch, you increase the chance that your clients will return.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how to make it easy – a ready-made (but editable) newsletter that you can send to your client database.