When everything seems a hassle, remember…

When the days are long, and everything is a hassle… and you just want to go home and go to bed…

I find it helps to think of this:

What you do helps people.

It makes their lives better.

It makes everything easier for them.

It’s valuable.

…Then, when you remember that, you have a reason to keep doing what you do, despite all the hassles and long hours.

That kind of mentality is also very useful when it comes to sending your newsletter.

Instead of thinking of your newsletter as a hassle that is annoying to you – and annoying to the people who receive it – instead think of it as a valuable service that is making your clients’ lives better.

That’s why we make newsletters that are interesting – full of entertaining and challenging content.

And it’s why we encourage you to make them your own, by adding something local and personal.

And it’s why we encourage you to make them as effective as they can be, so that they can bring you business.

…Because it’s only when you are hired are you truly able to be of service.

So here’s the thing:

To really help.

To really provide value.

To really be a respected for what you do…

It pays to have a marketing campaign that fits together from soup to nuts.

A campaign that collects relevant leads and that keeps in touch with those leads.

Because without that, you can’t live up to your potential.

You’ll fail to have as much business as you deserve, and many people will miss out on the value you offer.

It’s why I write these emails.

It’s why I try to build this business.

And it’s why I care about the kind of clients I get and the way we can help them.


That’s quite enough for a Friday morning.