What else?

I was at the grocery store I love to hate the other day.

(The one where the carts come with spears at each corner, so you can cut your way through the crowds).

But anyway… at the deli counter they always ask this:

What else?

You order something… What else?

So you order something more… What else?

There’s an important lesson here.

It costs money to acquire a customer, but a lot less to sell them something else… or sell them something a second time.

And yet… so few people ask: What else?

Now, you might be thinking, as a real estate agent – what else can I sell them? I can’t sell them another house right away!

So here’s two points:

First, do you have referral partners who could provide them something else? A new resident sure requires a doctor, dentist, cleaner, gardener… Get a cut from each provider you refer someone too.

Second, a few years down the road, your buyers are going to be moving again. So be there and ready to ask… what else?

Your newsletter is a great place for asking this question – and suggesting the answer.

You’ve sold something.

Now what else would they like?

Boom… up goes your profit.

So start today, and get the most out of your business.