Wake up and scratch head

Did you hear about the burglar who fell asleep on his victim’s couch?

And meanwhile, the victim’s roommate was sitting next to him…watching TV.

He thought the burglar was the guy’s friend.

They only figured it out when the victim came back home and discovered his cellphone was missing. And so was the “friend”.

Bizarre story.

I’m telling it to you to make a simple point:

Most newsletters are boring. And that means many are ignored.

So that’s why it’s important to make your newsletter entertaining.

Throw a few head-scratchers in there.

Make your readers think a little.

Engage them and interest them.

If you do that, they’ll start looking forward to hearing from you.

That’s why the newsletters we make include content just like that – articles that wake your clients up from their doze.

They’ll thank you for spicing up their lives.