Unplugged, free and creative

We had a power outage up here yesterday.

Five hours of computer-free bliss.

The café upstairs provided free cupcakes to people on main street because the icing was about to go bad.

People sat around and chatted.

This kind of unplugged time is healthy. I’ve heard it said that your best work is done when you are not sitting at your computer; that you can’t be creative in front of a keyboard and screen.  I think that’s true.

So if you are struggling to come up with topics for your newsletter, get up and walk away. Go visit nature. Relax a little.


And after not too long, the ideas will start flooding in.

Of course, if you’ve got better things to do than write a newsletter, you can use our ready-made ones. They’re great as they come, but you can also add your own content.