Turtles, a beaver – and showing up

I was chatting with a guy yesterday who spent 60 hours this spring watching for turtles.

There he was by the side of the road, counting them.

It was all part of a program to stop these ancient creatures getting squashed by cars. It’s a big problem if you’re a turtle, and they’re dying out.

When you’re in one spot for a total of 60 hours, you get to know the local wildlife.

And there was this beaver who believed he owned the place.

So the beaver kept showing up, marching backwards and forwards.

Saying hey, this is my place – stay away!


Can you see where I am going with this?

Animals are territorial. And to maintain that territory they have to keep showing up.

Otherwise some other beaver will start moving in.

Same goes for you and your clients.

You’ve got to claim your territory and then keep it.

By showing up.

So send your newsletter once per month to stop some rodent from moving in and taking your clients.

Because – after all – nature is like that.

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