The problem with those compact fluorescent bulbs

Everyone should be using compact fluorescent bulbs.  Except we’re not — and that’s despite these bulbs saving electricity and preserving the thing that really matters: the environment.

This is the thing: saving the planet is still a hard sell, even though it shouldn’t be. And so is saving money on power.

Why? Because, as Seth says, these bulbs have a story problem.  They look weird and are still quite expensive.

But there’s one more reason: people don’t just buy light. They buy atmosphere. They buy coziness.

And, as far as I can see, these bulbs give off a cold, blueish hue.

They make my skin look bad.

So until compact fluorescent bulbs look like regular bulbs — in every way — they won’t become ubiquitous.

And that’s a big shame because as we, here in Canada at least, bask in a crazy-warm January, we need to do what we can to cut down on greenhouse gases.