The unstoppable snowball

Have you wondered how those mega-agents get to be so, well… mega?

Having them in your market is like fighting a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks up all the good listings.

It’s tough to break through.

Those mega-agents are benefiting from what I call the snowball effect.

And it’s something I have seen happen to some of my own clients – agents who started off with nothing and over the years benefited from the snowball effect to become mega agents themselves in their own markets.

Here’s the brutal truth: no newsletter (or any other marketing tool) is going to get you where you want to be overnight.

It just ain’t happening.

Instead, success comes from adding small success onto small success.

So when you send your newsletter, you are adding snowflakes to the snowball.

I have a client who started from nothing nine years ago.

One of the first leads she got from her newsletter started her snowball.

That client kept referring people.

And referring people.

Until a couple of weeks ago she closed a $2 million transaction for an apartment building.

All from one client referral – from her newsletter.

At that process can happen multiple times, each time you send out a newsletter.

That’s how it works.

Your newsletter is adding snowflakes, one by one, until you have a giant snowball.

And when you do – and you’re the recognized expert in your farm or your niche – that snowball becomes unstoppable and you have all the business you desire.

Here’s where to get started with your own newsletter. You just need one snowflake.