The shop that sold only water

Once upon a time when I was in Spain I ran across a shop that sold nothing but water.

And it wasn’t any of your fancy water from Fiji either. It was your plain, good-old grocery store water in plastic bottles.

Now, I know that Spain is a warm country and people need to hydrate.

But how could a store survive selling nothing but water?

The rumor around town was that they were selling something else out of the back door.

Something a little more profitable than water.

Something you couldn’t display in the window.

…you get my drift.

I’m telling this story for a reason – and it’s not to promote selling something whacky from under the counter.

Here’s the thing.

Most businesses have more than just one thing to sell.

Real estate agents, for example, can act as a buyers’ agent as well as a listing agent.

But do your clients realize that – and realize how helpful that can be?

Insurance brokers can sell more than one policy – a homeowners insurance client should have auto and life with you too, right?

Indeed, most businesses have more than one product on offer.

So if a client has bought one product or service, why not suggest they buy another?

It’s the easiest way to increase the size of your business.

And it’s the way that most people forget.

A newsletter makes it easy. If you mail to your existing clients (who have already bought something from you and are therefore proven to be willing to whip out their pocketbooks), you can tell them what else you offer.

What you have out the back.