The most important number

How much do you earn each time you close a deal – on average?

I ask you – because it’s an important question.

It shows the value of a customer to you.

That number is probably the most important number in your business.

Because… if you don’t know this number, you are operating in the dark.

Worse still – you are operating on emotions and fear.

And when you operate on emotions and fear, you make decisions based on emotions and fear.

Decisions that aren’t always in your best interests. (Fear-based decisions seldom are.)

Now – to be fair – I have a horse in this race.

I supply a newsletter system that’s $697 for a year’s subscription.

And $697 sounds like a lot of money.


… I ask you again:

How much is a deal worth to you?

And how many deals does it take to pay for that subscription?

(Same goes for any marketing activity you want to invest in… not just newsletters).

When it comes to newsletters, I find it very hard to believe that you can send a newsletter out by email (and by print to your best clients) and never get your money back.

Indeed, never get your money back in multiples.

Because… when you actually do the math:

You don’t need many deals to make the newsletter (or some other marketing tactic) pay for itself many times over.

(This is the reason that people who start a newsletter – and stick with it – never want to give up.)