The month that stops short

Oh, February! The month that stops early and says “I’m done”.

… Which in some ways is a good thing. For many of us, the month of love has been frigid cold.

Bring on March!

But for my team here at Ready to Go Newsletters, it means we have to squeeze three days into one.

We operate to a strict schedule, you see. It’s the only way we’d be able to deliver newsletters to our members on time every month.

Indeed, if you’re sending a newsletter, I recommend you keep to a schedule too.

Just make those dates in your calendar.

If you don’t do that, the days slip by. Before you know it, you haven’t done your newsletter.

And think of all the business you might have missed!

Right now, our March newsletter is available to our members. April will be published on March 15.

If you join your one-month trial today, you’ll get access to two newsletters during that 30 days.

We can even make sure you send it on time every month.

Now that’s a deal!