The glue that holds communities together

I did my three hour stretch in front of the mic at our community radio station yesterday. 

I’m sure it’s quite a shock to the locals up here to hear my British tones coming out of their radios. 

After all, we’re not the BBC, just an enthusiastic group of people who make radio for our county every day. 

Much of the content is about community events – what’s happening at the Legion, exercise programs for seniors, church fundraising dinners and the like. 

We’re hardly NPR. 

But this kind of content is important. Community events like these are the glue that holds neighbors together. 

That’s why I suggest you add community events to your newsletter. If you use our newsletters, just delete one of our articles and add yours. It’s easy. 

This kind of information makes it likely people will keep your newsletter at home or keep it in their inbox. 

Because it’s useful. 

And being useful puts you half way to making the sale. 

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