The Glorious Fifteenth

In Britain, hunters celebrate what they call the Glorious Twelfth.

That’s the day – August 12 – that the grouse season starts.

Good for hunters; not so good for the birds.


We here at Ready to Go Newsletters have the Glorious Fifteenth, which is today – the day we make our next newsletter available.

It’s a good time to jump on board so that you can use August AND September newsletters during your free trial month.

Here’s what’s in the September issue:

How big data is changing the way homes are priced: This shows that you are up on the latest technology affecting the real estate market.

Are dining rooms dead or just changing? This proves that you are in touch with what people are looking for in homes today.

Ask the Agent: What factors go into a CMA? Educates your clients on this important tool.

Plus, in the commercial real estate newsletter you’ll find articles on finding good retail tenants and on senior-focused housing options.

The newsletters also come with other must-read content on topics such as the latest social media trends, ways to make parking easier and the death of voicemail.

So now’s a great time to jump on board and start winning more listings.