That old cucumber – and your clients

At the bottom of my fridge was a rotting cucumber.

It was slowly turning into liquid.


Rotting cilantro is one thing. But a rotting prospect and customer list?

Now that’s unforgiveable.

But unfortunately, many businesses leave their contact database to rot away. I know…I speak with several of them every day when they realize that they are wasting this valuable asset and want to start communicating again.

Here’s the thing.

It cost you a lot of money to build this customer list, but every month that goes by without communication sees the value of your database decline.

Ultimately what happens is, if you fail to contact them for months on end, your clients don’t remember who you are. That’s why some people get higher spam-complaint rates when they start contacting their list again – people wonder, who the heck is emailing me?

So really…don’t leave your database to rot like a cucumber for another month.

Start contacting them with a newsletter and keep your name fresh.

Here’s the way to make contacting your database easy – a ready-made newsletter that you can edit as much as you wish.