Still spinning the lazy Susan

I love tapas.

I also love a good buffet lunch.

There’s so much to try – a bit of this, a little of that.

And before long, you have a plate that’s piled high.

Now, that’s great for a party or a night out with friends.

But it won’t work with marketing your business.

The trouble is, many agents think they are at the marketing tapas bar.

They try postcards, then they try newsletters and then they try social media.

And then they try something else.

The trouble is, because they take only a nibble of something, they never know whether it will actually work for them.

And because they never know, they go through the whole menu again – mailers, e-newsletters, flyers.

Just like spinning the lazy Susan over lunch.

Here’s the thing.

I don’t care (much) what you try, as long as you give it a fair shot. You need to give it time to actually work – and time for you to assess whether it is working – instead of switching to the next thing because it looks more delicious than the last.

Now, a solid business is built up over time by forming strong relationships.

And apart from meeting people face to face (which is exhausting), what else apart from newsletters will build those important long-term bonds?

Here’s where you can get a newsletter that you can use and change as much as you wish. You get a big discount for joining for a year (that’s because we want you to give it a fair chance).