Sprint or marathon?

I love my clients – especially those who want to go the extra mile.

I was chatting with one today. He’s got lots of big plans – and they are excellent.

Such as…

Making a newsletter for a neighborhood

Creating a drip campaign for new leads

Developing another general newsletter to use as a business card

Coming up with a Unique Selling Proposition to set him apart from other people in his competitive market

They’re all great ideas. And we are here to help him with them.

But I did caution him: Don’t be too ambitious when you begin.

Some people try to do these amazing newsletters with a ton of local content.

But… a ton of local content is a ton of work – so they do it once and are too exhausted to do it ever again.

Like starting a marathon with a sprint.

Which is pity.

It’s more important to send a newsletter out every month than it is to make it the best newsletter you’ve ever read.

So start slowly.

Our ready-made newsletters are a great way to begin. You can tweak them a little to make them really yours. And as the months go on, you can tweak them more.