Shock: Some Good News about US Real Estate

If you watch enough CNN, you’ll be convinced that the American housing market – and the entire economy – is doomed.

No hope. Just give up and wait.

I’m not saying that things aren’t bad – that a lot of people are suffering, losing their homes and their jobs. The economy has changed and got a lot tougher.

But we shouldn’t be convinced that it’s a disaster everywhere for everyone.

Because it’s not.

Just yesterday I heard from one of my real estate newsletter clients in California who sold four properties in the past month and has been “swamped” with work.

You don’t hear that reported on CNN.

The thing is, it takes smarts, information and hard work to prosper right now. After all, once upon a time listings fell into Realtors’ laps and transactions were closed the next day.

It’s not like that anymore.

This Realtor uses a newsletter and, I’m sure, many other marketing tools to build relationships with her farm and past clients. She’s working hard at marketing herself – and that’s why she’s succeeding.

I’ve got lots of other members who are doing the exact same thing – and continuing to thrive in today’s market by building strong relationships with their clients and farm.

So there’s a new reality. Only the toughest, most knowledgeable will survive; those who learn and implement what they have learned.

Which type of business person, which type of Realtor, will you be?