Serious message for fool’s day

It might be April Fool’s Day… but I’m not kidding.

Every so often, I get a call from an agent ready to join my newsletter service. That person has been receiving these emails for months – sometimes years – and decides they really must get a newsletter.

Now, in some ways that’s great. It shows that keeping in touch works – when they’re ready they call because I’m top of mind.

But I can’t help but think…

Why the heck didn’t you do it sooner?


When you think about it, how much money did these people leave on the table by ignoring their database?

How many leads went elsewhere?

How many wonderful past clients chose someone else?

As one real estate agent who joined at the end of last week suggested, you just need one listing and it’s paid for the newsletter for years.

So today – this April 1 – don’t be a fool.

First month is free.