One newsletter, two listing appointments

We’ve just started our annual client survey here at Ready to Go Newsletters.

It’s something I’d recommend any business do. You get insights into what is going right (and wrong), and you find out what your clients really want from you.

A survey can also be a great source of testimonials, like the one that came in yesterday:

“We have noticed that in the week after a newsletter goes out, we always get at least 2 listing appointments.”

That made us happy.

But why am I sharing it with you?

First, because it shows that I’m not just blowing smoke here. Our newsletters do work for real estate agents.

And second, to tell you about the power of testimonials, which can do more for you than many other types of marketing. That’s because testimonials are the opinions of real clients, which carry more weight than anything you can say about yourself.

That’s why I recommend you add them to your newsletter.

Anyway, I’ve said enough.