Olive oil, newsletters and the real you

All is not well in the world of olive oil. 

It turns out, at least according to producers in California, that the extra virgin oil we import from Europe isn’t always so pure after all. 

Extra rancid, not extra virgin – so they say. 

Of course, Californian producers have a horse in this race. They want us to use American olive oil. 

But at the same time, it shows how we can be so easily deceived. 

That bottle of olive oil you just bought with the pretty picture of a rolling Tuscan landscape might say it was “packaged” in Italy. But grown where? Who knows? 

It’s hard to know what’s authentic these days. You can’t tell what’s been Photoshopped and what’s original. 

But the good news is… 

This brings an opportunity for you! 

In a world where it’s impossible to tell what is real and what is not, you have a chance to stand out – by proving that you are authentic. 

Unlike faceless corporations, you are you. 



And by using your newsletter, you can prove it. 

That’s why we encourage our clients to tweak their newsletters a little to include something personal and local. 

Something that shows a little bit of you. 

Because in a world of fakery, you can’t be imitated. 

And people like that.