Newsletters: the bar is pretty low. Really.

I got a call on Tuesday from someone who is thinking of joining my newsletter service for real estate agents.

She’s been receiving emails from me.

But she said something that disconcerted me.

“The information is great, but it’s kind of putting me off doing a newsletter.”

Hmmm, I thought…that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

The reason, she said, was that she felt she could never do the kind of things I suggest to make her newsletter really sing – elements such as personalization, local content, and must-read headlines.

The whole thing sounded like too much of an elephant to eat. So maybe she should not do a newsletter at all.


Simply that the elements I suggest will make her newsletter soar, but the most important thing is to do a newsletter in the first place. Period.

After all, so very, very few people bother to keep in touch with prospects and clients that if you do, it’s easy as pie to stand

The barrier is so low that even a chipmunk can jump it.

Think about this.

How many stores do you happily buy from…and then never hear a peep out of again?

How many people come to do vital work in your home…and then just sit silently waiting for you to call again?

How many restaurants do you enjoy visiting…yet never hear from?

I’D BE WILLING TO WAGER that 99% of businesses don’t bother to keep in touch with even the people who love what they do.

Sometimes after I leave a store I get so mad at their lack of marketing savvy that I pledge to set up a store right next door, doing exactly  the same thing… just to punish them for being so dumb.

This isn’t meant to sound like bragging, but I think I could go head-to-head with 99% of businesses out there and crush them simply by building a solid database of clients and prospects and then keeping in touch with them regularly

Like I say, it really doesn’t take much. Just a matter of collecting names. The tools are there to do the rest.

THIS IS WHAT GETS ME UP IN THE MORNING. The big mission of my company is that every business (even funeral homes) should have a newsletter.

That’s why I make ready-made print and email newsletters that businesses can send. As the bar is so low, you can send them without any customization and they’ll still work. Or make them really yours and you’ll be the #1 person in your business in your

I guarantee it.

Now, it seems like a big job – a gigantic elephant to eat. But take it a bite at a time. Even a chipmunk can feast.