New Year, New-sletter

I’ve often said that January 1 is my favorite day of the year.

Way to peak early, huh? Downhill from there on.

But seriously.

There’s something glorious about the clean slateness of that day. A fresh start with no baggage.

And what’s more, it’s a holiday.

January is one of the golden times of the year. The other is just after Labor Day.

So it’s a good idea not to waste it.

The thing is, in January, people are thinking about the future. Making resolutions and embarking on a new start.

And one of their resolutions might be to think about what you have to offer.

So that’s why it really pays to be out in front of them in January.

In the great moving parade of clients, this is one of the months when many of them are shopping.

So send out your January newsletter this week.

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