My grandfather and Oscar Wilde

I don’t think my grandfather was a fan of Oscar Wilde, but he did quote the writer from time to time.

You, boy, know the price of everything and the value of nothing!

(He always called me boy.)

I didn’t really understand what my grandfather (or Oscar, come to that) meant at the time.

But now I’m older and (slightly) wiser – and I think I get it.

One thing I do know: it’s a relevant quote for business.

If you switch “value” for “return on investment”, you’ll see what I mean.

Investing in marketing has a price – but it also has a return on investment.

So a painful upfront fee should be returned in multiples in the months ahead.

That’s why I am flummoxed (another grandparently word) when people say that sending a newsletter is too expensive.

Because – when you think about it – the cost of a newsletter is tiny compared to the benefits. One closed transaction pays for months, no, years, of newsletters.

(It’s why businesses that do it for a year or more seldom stop, or those that do stop often come back and start again!).

Yes, it takes a little faith (and some hard work), but it’s hard to deny that any business that spends time and money building a strong, long-term relationship with clients will struggle with future income.

Here’s where to start with your own newsletter. The first month is free so you can see if you like it or not.