Make it taste good

Sometimes – no, quite often – there’s someone at my local grocery store offering a taste of something.

I’ve always thought that’s a risky strategy – unless your product is excellent.

Otherwise it’s one taste and… never again!

On the other hand – if the product is truly good, then maybe you win a customer for life.

The same rule applies to newsletters.

In many ways, your newsletter is a taste of you.

That’s why I get despondent when I see so many bad newsletters out there. Newsletters that insult the intelligence with same-old, low-wattage content.

The thing is, you can make only one first impression. So make it a good one.

Most people who see our newsletters like the content. That’s because we have an editor (her name is Frances) who works hard to commission interesting and engaging topics from our writers.

(Frances shows me the list of what’s planned for each month and I’m always excited to read what’s coming next.)

It’s also why we encourage you to change the newsletter as much as you wish to add something extra-relevant to your clients.

So my plea to you today is: send something that does you justice; something you can be proud of.

Give them a taste that will make them come back for more!