It’s not “what you sell” that matters

It’s not “what you sell” that matters.It’s not you as a “real estate agent” that matters.Instead…it’s all the stuff that surrounds it.

Let me explain.

Here at Ready to Go Newsletters, we sell newsletters.

But that’s not what matters.

Yesterday Mayna, our long-suffering customer support manager (I say long-suffering because she works hard and has to deal with me every day), helped a whole bunch of our clients.

But the help she gave wasn’t just about newsletters.

Instead…it was about how to use mailings to get more leads. Or about systems you can use to analyze how well your marketing is doing. Or about how to help an entire office of agents market themselves better.

I think a lot of real estate agents – maybe you are one of them – sell themselves short.

They offer so much more value than they realize.

So…it’s about time they embraced that and weren’t so shy about sharing that news with others.

Because thousands of your competitors are “real estate agents”.  But really…you’re so much more than that.

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